Monday, March 28, 2011

Voice Casting by Aardman Animations

I was given an old videotape of shorts from Aardman Animations. I suppose they are best known for Nick Park's work - Wallace and Gromit. It is kind of amazing to me what they did on other films though. From a documentary on the end of the tape: Aardman took recorded conversations of real people and used the tapes for their soundtracks. They basically animated around these conversations.

"War Story," above, appears to have been a commissioned interview for use in this way. It is with a British WWII vet. Other films appear to have just taken some random conversations - notably a discussion by some folks at a Salvation Army location and one of a door-to-door salesman with an older couple he is trying to get to buy something. The clip of the older gentleman giving the salesman a bit of the business is classic:

Not for everyone's taste, I guess, but I'm really fascinated at how they were able to use these voices in service of some real - and interesting - movement.

BTW - I'm not quite sure of the legality of these being on YouTube or on this blog, but I'll certainly take them down if need be. If not, they are here because they are fascinating - and really great. They deserve a wider renown!

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